There are many ways that hypnosis can be used as a therapeutic tool, and the wide variety of training schools reflects these viewpoints.


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About UK Hypnosis

You are an individual, who sees the world through your own eyes and an individual who experiences the world through your own unique and individual emotions.


Our aim is to help you understand more about how you see, feel and experience the world around you. For more information visit the National Council for Hypnotherapy and the Hypnotherapy Society.


As this understanding quickly grows, and you feel accepted for who you are, (and as you accept you for who you are), you will find that you will be able to naturally make the changes you desire. 

I aim to create a kind and caring environment for you -- a place where you can reflect on/discuss your life from a rational viewpoint and recharge your energy for an hour a week -- just for a few weeks.


You can be assured that you will receive a professional and discrete service, backed up by Nursing care and the NHS.